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LISTED HERITAGE, The Listed Property Owners' Club magazine

Restore and Protect 2024

Window Restoration & Linseed Paint 2021

The Linseed Oil Paint 'revival' continues 2020 .....

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Allback Quality Control Document

BVB - Swedish Environmental Building Material Assessment

Sundal Hus - Swedish Material Data

Allback Training Course Material 2015

Journal of Architectural Conservation No 1 March 2004

Windowcraft - Part One

Windowcraft - Part Two

Journal of Architectural Conservation No 2 July 2004

Holkham Estate Returns to Traditonal Materials and Craftmanship

Viscount Coke, Eastern Daily Press, Norfolk, September 2002

Holding back the years

French Property News - May 2008

Replacement doors and windows.....No thanks!

French Property News - July 2010

The rediscovery of ancient wisdom

SFV - National Property Board Sweden

Technical Instructions for Painting Buildings

Sparet (industry publication for the Swedish railway authority) No 36 June 2016

Investing in Environmentally Friendly Linseed Oil Paint