Why Allback?


Why ‘Allback’ Linseed Paint?

  • Allback is the only linseed oil paint manufacturer recommended and achieving the enviromental criteria set by BVB (Swedish standard).
  • Both the Linseed Oil Paint and Linus Wall paint have a Class A environmental classification with Sundahus (health & environmental assessments).
  • The paint contains no chemical solvents and is completely safe.
  • This is a ‘one pot system’, you use the same paint for all coats. Suitable for both exterior and interior use.
  • The dry weight is 100% (nothing evaporates) and covers 15 - 20m² per litre.
  • Documented historic importance dating back over 100 years.
  • Allback paint has been documented by the Swedish Heritage board since 1982.
  • All ingredients originate from locally grown flax in Sweden.
  • The paint has been emission tested and approved by the paints boards of Sweden for more than 20 years.
  • You can paint one coat per day and it will be completely dry within 24 hours at room temperature with adequate ventilation.