Linseed oil processed in Ystad Sweden where it is cleaned from protein and made into paint, wax, soap & putty

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Allback chalk powder is made from ground pure calcium carbonate. It can be used in many different ways:

1. Added to the Allback Linseed Oil Putty to stiffen putty if needed.

2. Mixed with Allback Shellac Primer to create a strong, sandable filler for small cracks or holes.

3. Mixed with Allback Linus Interior paint to thicken it for stencilling and other effects.

Available in a 1 kg pot.


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Allback Pumice powder is very absorbant and slightly abrasive and can be used for:

1. Mixed with Linus Interior paint (50:50 after water poured off from the Linus paint) and use as a filler for creaks and holes or rolled out onto the entire surface.

2. Used as a cleaning powder when glazing windows. Use a soft brush to apply the powder on to the glass which then quickly absorbs any left over linseed oil residue.

3. Mix with water to use as a cleaning paste.

Available in a 1 kg pot.

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