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‘The rediscovery of ancient wisdom.’


The paint contains linseed oil, water, cellulose glue, shellac and natural pigment. The paint can be used on all interior surfaces; wood, painted surfaces, plaster, wallpaper, whitewash, plasterboard, woven surfaces and papered walls and ceilings. It produces a completely matt surface that is easy to touch up. 

Application:      Apply brush and roller.

Coverage:       10m² per litre, depending on surface.

Drying time:     Approximately 24 hours at room temperature. Ventilate well.

Thin with:         If necessary, water up to max 30%.

Clean-up:        Linseed soap & water.

To achieve the desired shade simply empty the bag of pigment into a pot. Gradually add warm water and stir until you have an even paste. Add the paste into the Linus White paint and stir thoroughly.



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