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Zinc additive

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Additive for linseed oil paint.

To prevent the growth of algae and mould on external surfaces that are continuously exposed to moisture or on a surface that was not correctly prepared, it is recommended to add Zinc Oxide[1] to the linseed oil paint.

Preparation of the surface before painting

  • Remove all the existing paint with a heat gun and scrapper.
  • Clean the surface well using linseed soap.
  • Apply a coat of raw purified[2] linseed oil[3], if the wood is very dry.
  • Add and mix thoroughly the Zinc Oxide (15 to 20%) to the linseed oil paint for the first coat.

On surfaces already painted with linseed oil paint

  • Clean the surface well with linseed soap be sure to remove all the mould and dirt.
  • Apply a coat of linseed oil paint mixed thoroughly with Zinc Oxide (15 to 20%) to prevent the re-growth of mould

[1] Zinc oxide is very toxic to aquatic organisms and may cause long term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. This material and its container must be disposed of as hazardous waste.
[2] Only use purified linseed oil.
[3] Cloths and rags soaked in linseed oil can spontaneously combust. Please soak in water before disposal in outside waste.


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