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‘The rediscovery of ancient wisdom.’


Long-lasting, solvent free paint has been used in the harsh Scandinavian environment since the 18th century. Penetrates, nourishes and protects wood.

Single pot paint system: use the same paint for all coats.

Semi-gloss exterior and interior high quality ‘single - pot’ paint system, you use the same paint for all coats. Suitable for use on wood, metal (window & door furniture), corrugated sheet (steel/ aluminium), & plastic.

For exterior use it is always recommended to add zinc oxide. This offers greater resistance to dirt, pollen, algae and mould as well as speeding up the drying process.

Application:      Apply thin coats with a natural brush.

Coverage:       15 – 20m² per litre, depending on surface.

Drying time:     Approximately 24 hours at room temperature. Ventilate well.

Thin with:         If necessary, boiled linseed oil up to max 5%.

Clean-up:        Linseed soap & water. Store brushes hanging in raw linseed oil.


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