‘The rediscovery of ancient wisdom’

'Swedish Linseed Paint' is the sole distributor in the UK of the ‘Allback’ high quality range of linseed oil paint products from Sweden. These products are made using rediscovered traditional recipes and are ‘long lasting’, ‘cost effective’, 100% solvent free and environmentally friendly.

If you are interested in sensitive property restoration or need to source high quality environmentally friendly paint products this may be of interest to you.


Allback Linseed Paints last up to 3 times longer than modern paints. Not only will the subtle paint colours decorate your woodwork beautifully, but the linseed oil in the paint gives protection and nourishment to the wood itself.


With their dramatically longer life span, Allback Linseed Paints will yield significant cost savings over time.


Allback Linseed Paints are made from natural 100% pure linseed oil, derived from renewable and sustainable resources.  We use natural paint pigments and no added solvents.