‘The rediscovery of ancient wisdom’

'Swedish Linseed Paint' is the sole distributor in the UK of the ‘Allback’ high quality range of linseed oil paint products from Sweden. These products are made using rediscovered traditional recipes and are ‘long lasting’, ‘cost effective’, 100% solvent free and environmentally friendly.

Our collaboration with the Allbacks began in France where we became the sole distributors in 2007. We have worked 'hands-on' and in an advisory capacity on hundreds of projects culminating in work at Versailles and on the Chateau itself. The Swedish Heritage Board filmed at Versailles a documentary celebrating the extraordinary work and life of Hans & Sonja Allback.

Kevin Davies (Director) founded the business with Sue Reed (Accounts & Administrator) and he is a fully qualified and practising Chartered Architect, holding memberships with the RIBA and ARB, with over 25 years experience of heritage work and to Listed Buildings.

If you are interested in sensitive property restoration or need to source high quality environmentally friendly paint products this may be of interest to you.


Allback Linseed Paints last up to 3 times longer than modern paints. Not only will the subtle paint colours decorate your woodwork beautifully, but the linseed oil in the paint gives protection and nourishment to the wood itself.


With their dramatically longer life span, Allback Linseed Paints will yield significant cost savings over time.


Allback Linseed Paints are made from natural 100% pure linseed oil, derived from renewable and sustainable resources.  We use natural paint pigments and no added solvents.



We are privileged to have written the lead article on PAINT in the July/ August 2020 edition of LISTED HERITAGE, The Listed Properrty Owners' Club Magazine and follow up articles in the July/ August 2021 and January/ February 2024 editions.

You will find with Allback Linseed Oil paints nearly 40 years of diligent research and development creating for us the new generation of linseed oil products.

As they say in Sweden 'we have to look back if we are to see the future' and we must therefore 'rediscover the ancient wisdom'.  

You can download a copy of these articles here as seen in the Listed Heritage, membership journal of the Listed Property Owners' Club see     


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